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Those of you who wish to download authenticated RSS feeds may find that your client doesn’t support them.  Or in the case of Outlook 2007, it supports them intermittently!  (Try adding a few LiveJournal authenticated feeds and then change your LJ password and see how many of them you can get to work again.)  I found this blog post that echoes the problems of authenticated feeds.

Here are two possible solutions to the problem:

  1. Use a news reader that is supports authenticated feeds.  I have installed RSS Bandit (per the suggestion in the above link) and I think its great.  I don’t know what other readers support authenticated feeds.
  2. Use FreeMyFeed to authenticate for you.  This is only slightly less convenient, but allows you to read authenticated reads in any reader.  Personally I may take advantage of this to read authenticated feeds on my Moto Q.